Light Therapy for Depression: Common Questions Answered Near Livingston

Light Therapy for Depression: Common Questions Answered Near Livingston

Depression affects every aspect of your life, and finding the right treatment can be a challenge. Many people find some relief with light therapy for depression, and learning more about it could help you better discuss it with your care provider as part of your care plan.

How Often Is Treatment Required?

Many people who are prescribed light therapy spend at least 20 minutes
daily–usually first thing in the morning–sitting in front of a light box that delivers light of a certain brightness and intensity. It’s important to find onein keeping with your health care provider’s instructions for effectiveness and your safety.

Is It Helpful for Multiple Types of Depression?

Whether it’s seasonal affective disorder or post-natal depression, the power of light can help support your well-being and recovery by stabilizing your
moods through natural physiological processes.

Is It a Pharmaceutical Solution?

As light therapy for depression doesn’t include any prescribed medication,
there are few if any side effects to worry about as long as you follow your
care provider’s instructions. There’s no waiting on prescription refills or
concerns with feeling ill or being unable to drive, which is a big benefit for
many patients.

How Cereset® Helps

In conjunction with self-care, a good diet and reliable sleep habits, Cereset® offers multiple benefits for stress relief. It’s a non-invasive treatment that uses your own brain waves to better support brain health, which could make you more naturally resistant to the effects of daily stress. For more information about this innovative therapy, visit


Ready to Learn About Treatments Like Light Therapy for Depression
Near Livingston?

Getting help for your mood problems doesn’t have to be difficult. The
licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) and technicians at Crossroads
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emotional well being. Welcoming clients who want to resolve sleep, mood,
focus, thinking, memory, stress, depression and anxiety, the staff at
Crossroads wants to help you feel better and live your life to the fullest.
Offering both traditional counseling services and innovative Cereset®, visit
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